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Lance Ward CIS 2011 Web Engineer
Rob Bounds DM 2009 Deskside Technician
Paul Younker CS 1987 Director of Information Technology
Aaron Brewer DM 2005 Sales Associate
Kristin (Minshall) Ganton DM 2013 Art Director and Graphic Designer
Dan Green MIS 2006 Executive
James Rantanen CS 2005 Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead
Jeremy Ross DM 2011 Graphic Designer
Nick Vineyard DM 2011 Technical Support Dept Manager
Lydia (Borah) Rice DM 2010 Business Manager
Luke Rice DM 2010 Senior Technical Director
Jessica Sturgeon DM 2013 Graphic Designer and Online Marketing Strategist
Ryan Cole CIS 2014 Associate Problem Manager
Hunter Smith DM 2016 Audio Production Specialist
Seth Niemuth CS 2005 Contract Software Developer
Josh Wheeler CIS Sales Associate
Luke Cooley DM 2004 Creative Designer
Jacob Amundson DM 2001 Director of the Center for Visual Culture and Media Studies
Kimberly (Minshall) Fred DM 2012 Graphic Designer
Holly Davis DM 2009 Web and Multimedia Designer

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