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Kevin Autenrieth MIS 1987 Scrum Master, Team Lead
Jennifer Grote MIS 2005 Sales Service Specialist
Ashley (Feezor) Meadows DM 2013 Interaction Designer
Aaron Phillips DM 2016 Content Developer
Michael Schurter CS 2004 Nomad Engineer
Marcia Freeman CIS 2016 IT Generalist
Thomas Hajny DM 2016 Web Developer
Kyle McFarland DM 2013 Owner, Producer, Editor
Kathryn Kelley DM 2016 Director of Media Ministry
Pancho Eppard other 2000 Graphic Designer
DeDe Burns DM 2003 Senior Manager, Member Engagement
Aaron Morrison CS 2002 Software Engineer
Matt Bauman CIS 2016 FOH Engineer
Joshua Bond DM 2008 Graphic Designer
Caleb Thomas DM 2005 Art Director / Production Animation Manager
Morgan Johnson DM 2016 Graphic Designer
Devon Meadows DM 2013 Wander
Brandon Heimsness DM 2009 Telecommunications Systems Technician II
David Kessinger MIS 2002 Associate Director of Financial Aid
Dan Wolfe DM 2006 Systems Administrator

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