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NZ whaling decision angers Pacific nations
SPWRC scientists are alarmed that the New Zealand government is backing a proposal to the International Whaling Commission for limited commercial whaling.

Ocean Voices: Celebration of Whale Heroes
Ocean Voices capped a week-long meeting of international whale scientists, conservationists, funders and politicians in Auckland, NZ, and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium.

Announcement of New Pacific Whale Sanctuary
International Expert Panel to Discuss Announcement, State of Global Whale Conservation
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Whale Image

The Great Whale Trail is a Scientific satellite tagging project for the Great Whale Trail', a collaboration between Cook Islands Whale Research, NOAA's National Marine Mammal Lab, Operation Cétacés in New Caledonia and Instituto Aqualie to track the migratory behaviour of humpback whales from their breeding grounds in the South Pacific to their feeding grounds in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. This project is tracking 12 whales tagged in New Caledonia and 8 in the Cook Islands .

the great whale trail image collection
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