Jimmy Menk Here

Developer and media content creator.

Let me show you what I know.



An eye for what can look good.

Back and front end techniques.



The world from different perspectives.

Some things that don't sound too bad.



When flat design takes a breath.

When you put it all together.

A Little About Me

I attended highschool in Collinsville IL, very near St. Louis MO. In highschool, I was a very artistic person, taking drawing classes and photography. After graduation, I whent on to attend Southwestern Illinois College where I took classes in drawing and design.

I attended Greenville College where I earned my degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Web Development, and a minor in Computer Information Systems. My dream is to bring the harmonious relationship between art and science to a new light with my work.

My hobbies include spray painting, films, and learning about astrophysics!