About Me

“Do things with passion, or not at all.”

My name is Thomas Hajny and welcome to my Portfolio!

I’ve lived in southern Illinois for a vast majority of my life and would not have considered myself a creator until I came to Greenville College. I originally wanted to a be a cartoon designer / animator because I really enjoyed watching anime as a kid. I liked it so much that I would draw out some of my favorite scenes and even do “what-if” creations. It mostly consisted of stick figures. Once I got to high school, I got into music and started a band with some of my friends. It was mostly just an excuse to jam out together and hang out, but I wanted to go to school for music because of it. However, music just didn’t feel right, and that is when I got into Digital Media.

You will notice I have the quote “Do things with passion, or not at all” at the very top of my site. This is one of those quotes that I found that really hit me and has fueled my drive for what I do. I have never felt as passionate about anything in my life until about this summer. I ran across this quote in a photography magazine I was looking through for class and something in my head just clicked. This quote has become my personal motto for everything. If I’m going to do something, I am all in, otherwise I’m just wasting my time.

While I love being creative and making all kinds of things, ranging from making graphics to taking and editing photos, there are a few things I like doing to help refuel my creativity or just to give myself a break. These things include going for a ride on my bike, playing my guitar, playing video games, hitting the gym, and cooking.
My work process differs from each project type, but I always start with spending time researching or preparing for the job. For design jobs, I like to speak with the client to figure out what they envision the project to be and use that to influence my design process. For video and motion graphics, I always storyboard out a general layout for how the piece will move. Audio is a bit different since a lot of the work in this field is in post production, but I always try to get a good source file to save myself a bit of work in the long run.

After this initial stage, it tends to be a bit of a free for all. This rings especially true with video because something always goes wrong and you have to be ready to address it. When designing things, I like to come up with a lot of rough drafts and then pick a few to illustrate and nit pick until I get a result I am happy with.

My last name comes from Bohemia (my dad’s side) and is pronounced ‘high-knee.’ Yea, I know, it’s weird, but I never have claimed to be normal.


“… Thank you so much Thomas for your wonderful work! The photographs are beautifully rendered and truly illustrate the joy that our employees and clients feel with their involvement with FAYCO Enterprises, Inc.”

Megan Orle
Megan OrleFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.
Public Relations / Marketing Specialist

“Thomas was a great intern for me and for our organization. He has provided creative inputs in many projects and easy to work with. He has proven to our team and our community that he can be responsible and reliable.”

John Glennon
John GlennonPastor
Parkview Free Methodist Church

“Thomas is always willing to help whenever and wherever needed. He takes on the interest of learning new things and initiates his interest. He is a wonderful student worker and will miss working with him. I look forward to seeing his accomplishments in his next chapter.”

Anthony Macon
Anthony MaconCollegiate Bass Fishing Coach
Greenville College