Graphic Design


This section is dedicated to my Business Practices in Design capstone project. Throughout an entire semester, I had to come up with my own fake company and do everything that comes with that: create a name, tagline, lay out a marketing plan, and create a variety of things (business cards, package design, website mock up, print ad, and some extra pieces).

I decided to create a cooking class for children ages 5-12 that not only taught them to cook, but to also eat healthy. The name WholeSum is a play on the word “Wholesome” and works well with my tagline: “Cooking + Food + Nutrition.”

I wanted my overall design to be kid friendly, but also come across as a professional, quality product that the parents would buy into. The mascot is something that makes my company unique and something that children can relate to. I did all the photography and tried to showcase kids having fun to get the parents hooked as well.

I created spice boxes as my package design. These would contain important things relating to whatever class the student enrolled in, such as spices. They are designed after recipe boxes and also have all the important information, like who the teacher is and what class it is for. I also made some little tip cards that go in a neat pamphlet that would get handed out to students at schools as a way to get them enrolled.

This was an incredibly long and difficult project, but when it came together it was such a wonderful feeling. Having this experience with not only designing, but creating a business from scratch will help me with future projects.

Agape House

I had the pleasure of working with Agape House, an organization founded by one of the professors at Greenville College that reaches out to the street children of Malawi. They were in the process of rebranding themselves and came to my Business Practices in Design class to work with them. They needed us to create a brand new logo, a shirt design for donators or volunteers, and some social media graphics.

I really wanted to represent the Agape love that this organization represents through the heart that is split into the three colors of the Malawi flag. I wanted to create a neat T-Shirt design that used the Malawi country as a front graphic and then putting the logo on the back. Lastly, the social media graphics represent two different campaigns that could be run. The more colorful graphics are an example of what a normal campaign would be. They showcase the buildings and people more, making it seem happier and joyful. The other campaign is one that would take the situation a bit more seriously and would try to get people involved in the cause.

All photography done by: Garrett Streeter.

Typography Cards

These typography cards are my final project from my Advanced Typography class I took over the summer of my Senior year. We had to create a series of alphabet cards that a typography enthusiast may be interested in adding to their collection. We had a bunch of fonts to choose from and I went with Caslon. I really don’t work much with serif fonts, so I thought I would force myself to create a series of cards using one. The original font originates from the early 1700’s and I wanted to try to replicate that time in history with the overall design. This was a very popular font for a long time, all the way to the 20th century, and even had the reputation of “when in doubt, use Caslon.” It was sort of like what Helvetica is today.

These were also showcased in a student exhibition for AIGA.

Prairie Counseling Center

Another organization I got to do some design work for was the Prairie Counseling Center, which is a local non-profit organization in Greenville, IL that counsels others who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses. They were in the process of rebranding themselves and so they asked our class to come up with a variety of pieces, including: a new logo, brochure, business cards, social media graphics, an online advertisement, and an additional 3D piece.

When we met with the client, they voiced their concern about having very neutral and soothing colors. We took this into account with a majority of our pieces. We used a lot of whites/grays and a subtle green with splashes of blue here and there. The logo was a nice combination of something that was familiar and friendly looking, and also related to the name “prairie” quite nicely.

One of the main things I worked on was the booklet. I wanted to do something to help debunk some of the myths surrounding depression because I think it was a very common thing that people go through. I picked about 7 or 8 stigmas, put them on a mask cutout that I created, and then the next page would be a block of text describing the truth about the myth. I found out later that mask making is a common form of therapy that PCC uses, so it wound up being very cohesive to the existing program.

I worked on this project with two other people in the class, Garrett Streeter and Amanda Ingram. We all contributed to various aspects of the project. The main things I was responsible for was helping vectorize the logo, creating the “lifting the mask of depression” booklet, taking photos, and creating the “Teen Depression” infographic.

It was an honor for the staff at Prairie Counseling Center to pick our design to represent them as they move into the future. It was a great experience working with them and figuring out how to better brand them.

Group Members: Amanda Ingram, Garrett Streeter

Minor Projects

This last section is dedicated to all of my miscellaneous design work that had a very narrow scope. This includes small projects, exercises, logos, and other miscellaneous pieces.

As a side note, everyone in our Portfolio group was in charge of creating their own portrait, but I helped guide the process along, put the poster together, and taught them how to use the graphic style. It was meant to be funny and our professor bought us tacos for the presentation, hence the Mexican theme.